Board and Staff


My Approach

Assess. Learn. Plan. Execute.

For your non-profit organization to reach its full capacity, your board and staff team must work together as a cohesive body. Expectations, roles and responsibilities, and priorities must be clearly defined and articulated so that your leadership is in sync with each other and with the organization’s strategy.

My approach ensures ownership and buy-in from the start by involving both board and staff in the process continuum.


  • Review current documents, policies, processes, and structure to reveal strengths and identify gaps
  • Compare your organization’s resources and approach to industry best practices
  • Explore current and potential leadership strengths, issues, challenges, and opportunities


  • Review assessment findings to understand what the data reveals
  • Compare your organization’s resources and approach to industry best practices
  • Be willing to question and evolve your practices


  • Incorporate discoveries, which inform and shape ideal policies, processes, and structure
  • Commit to board and staff development, clarifying roles and responsibilities; building team direction, alignment, and commitment; leveraging strengths; and addressing areas to develop
  • Commit to an evergreen approach, continually assessing and adapting to account for changes and evolving needs


  • Leverage leadership strengths to perform beyond your greatest expectations
  • Enlist coaching support to periodically check in, address issues or barriers, and catalyze forward action


Aligned Leadership

“The NC Coastal Land Trust worked with Jeanie to do assessment, strategy development, succession planning and board and staff development. She guided us through challenging subjects and organization transition, about which both staff and board had some anxiety. Through her calm demeanor, well-researched expertise, and a thoughtful and strategic process, a safe place was created for discussion and decision-making. She helped us transition to a place of optimism and possibility.”

Camilla Herlevich

Executive Director, NC Coastal Land Trust